Any domestic or commercial resin gravel surface is only as sound as the base it has been built on. We have been installing hard surfaces of all types for over 15 years and therefore are highly proficient at constructing solid bases for our surfaces.


Our resin bound gravel surfaces can be installed on a porous sub base, creating a SuDs compliant surface which meets building regulations without the need of any additional drainage.


Both bound and bonded gravel can be installed on existing existing surfaces or bases, subject to their suitability.


Edge Installation


All our resin gravel surfaces need an edging of to retain the sub-base and resin surface. See our Edge Swatch for some examples.


Surface Installation


Our resin gravel installation teams have installed many surfaces of all shapes and sizes. We also have the specialised equipment needed to correctly mix the bound gravel surface.


Ronacrete Approved Installers

Oakleigh Manor are one of a select group of Ronacrete intallers in the South of England. They have been maafacturing resin products for decades. By using one of the UK's foremost manafacturers rather than cheap imports, we can vouch on the quality of the surfaces we install.